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Environmental Testing Solutions You Can Trust

Safety Environmental Testing is proud to partner with two nationally accredited and certified labs to bring to the St. Louis metropolitan region its first true one stop resource for environmental and indoor air quality testing.  We provide testing solutions for industry, business, and residential clients.  We are not in the remediation, abatement, restoration, preservation nor construction business.  We exist to provide our clients with IAQ assessments,  investigations, inspections, testing, and consulting.


Safety Environmental Testing takes the hassle out of your environmental testing problem.  Not only do we try to come to your business or home and safely collect and necessary samples to answer environmental or indoor air quality questions you're asking, but we strive to collect your samples within 48 hours of your initial call.


Our number one priority is safety. Regardless if you're a large industrial client, a realtor concerned for your buyers property, or a family with children suffering from mold allergies, Safety Environmental Testing takes every necessary measure to ensure the safe collection of samples at your location.  Our second priority is providing affordable testing solutions for all of our clients whether corporate or consumer. Our testing prices are the same for both businesses and private parties and we will always post the prices for most common testing protocols on our website.  We believe the most valuable service we can offer is objective analytical data.  We reduce our prices in order to allow you to get more testing for the dollar.

We provide testing solutions for the following:
Home Owners Apartment/House Renters
Food Service Property Managers/Realtors
Child/Elder Care Medical Offices

Reviews and Ratings
Home Advisor  Star Rating
Date: 1/6/2014

Quality: 5.0

Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0

Review by a Homeowner in Saint Louis, MO

Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

Comments: Bill is respectful and professional. Explained process and costs upfront. Provided reports in timely manner as promised. Would definitely recommend to others.

    Home Advisor  Star Rating
Date: 12/25/2013

Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Penny K. in Springfield, IL

Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

Comments: Bill did Indoor Air Quality and Mold testing. He was friendly, honest and professional. Had great equipment and took the time to explain everything for me. Was thorough with his inspections. The cost of everything was a good value. Highly recommend him for all inspections and environmental testing needs